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Griffin Anderson, CEO of Phi Labs, on the Cosmos Ecosystem, Incentivizing Developers, and Archway


Griffin Anderson is CEO of Phi Labs, a core contributor to Archway, the first layer-1 blockchain featuring developer rewards designed and built directly into the protocol itself. As former Head of Product at Ignite (formerly Tendermint) and former Senior Director of Product Management at ConsenSys, Griffin is well-versed in all aspects of consensus and Layer-1 mechanics. Griffin was also a Founder of the blockchain-powered accounting tools project Balanc3 and a Founder & Board Member of the Accounting Blockchain Coalition.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Cosmos Ecosystem
- Archway Protocol
- Phi Labs
- Developer incentivization
- How Griffin got into crypto
- Rewarding developers
- Accounting Blockchain Coalition
- Building relationships in crypto