19 March 2020 · 1 min read

Gamers are Entering a New Era of Monetization

The combination of cloud, social, and mobile has turned gaming from a niche hobby into a massive industry. Now veteran gamer Kevin Chou is using blockchain technology to realign the economic relationships between game developers and their massive player base. Learn how cryptoeconomic models can lead to better monetization and deeper engagement in your business, as well as new forms of collaboration, community, and creativity. “At the turn of the century, the gaming, the global music industry, and the global film industry [were] about the same size. But over the last 19 years, the gaming market has absolutely exploded. <...> It’s larger than the film and music industry combined together,” Chou said, asking “How can making a living doing what you love become more accessible to more people? I believe blockchain is the key to this.”

How blockchain technology will provide economic opportunities for gamers across the globe. [0:34]
Kevin Chou shares his background in gaming from Kabam to his eSports team, Gen.G. [1:53]
Statistics about the gaming market and how it’s grown to generate more revenue YoY [3:15]
How blockchain could make monetization more accessible [4:30]
A brief insight into how early game design has scaled from 1 to thousands [4:47]
How EDM artist Marshmallo held a virtual concert in the game “Fortnite” and leveraged that into an increase in his monetized music streams. [5:59]
The ways people make a living in the gaming industry —through making the game themselves, professional esports, or streaming. [7:57]
Why it’s gotten harder to make a living in gaming [8:09]
How blockchain technology will revolutionize the gaming economy [9:04]
Three key economic opportunities in gaming that would be enabled by blockchain [9:13]
How blockchain will unlock real ownership for digital assets, create residual value for virtual items, andturn digital purchases into investments. [10:52]
An example of how you can use blockchain to verify the provenance of digital assets used by professional eSports players [11:40]
How blockchain can capture the value that’s happening in peripheral markets [12:07]
The way blockchain would enable a new form of community economics in gaming. [14:01]