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Fuad Fatullaev on Building Web3 Ecosystems | CryptoNews Podcast #174


Fuad Fatullaev is the Co-founder and CEO of WeWay, a Web3 ecosystem for influencers and content makers to support their metaverse presence and teach them how to reach their full potential. 

Fuad is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years in launching and developing fintech startups in the UK and UAE. He graduated from Harvard Extension School and launched a startup partnered with McKinsey's startup club. Fuad Fatullaev ran projects with a contract value of over $16.1M and led an international team of more than 300 people in cross-functional departments. 

In this conversation, we discuss: 

- Dubai becoming the new Switzerland 
- Launching food delivery startups 
- Creating web3 ecosystems 
- The end of fiat currency 
- Growth of traditional gaming 
- Find-to-earn 
- Building mobile games 
- WeWay LaunchPad 
- Learning, Earning and Playing 
- Centralized exchange volume drying up 
- Crypto Hot takes