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Frédéric Chesnais, Founder & CEO of AlphaVerse, on NFTs & the Metaverse


Frédéric Chesnais is the Founder and CEO of AlphaVerse. He was the CEO of Atari Interactive and brings experience in investments, executive production, budgeting, financing and management of intellectual property rights, with a strong background in video games and interactive entertainment. He has successfully completed financial transactions in excess of $1 billion in the interactive entertainment space. He left Atari in 2021 to focus on blockchain and metaverses, with the creation of Crypto Blockchain Industries.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Semi-Fungible Tokens
- The Alphaverse: A metaverse hub
- Developing and shipping games
- Knowing when to kill a game
- Creating a popular game
- Web2 games built on Web3 tech
- Friends in the game = not leaving the game
- Emergence of streaming