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Fairness Protocol: Where Cheaters Can’t Cheat

In this video, crypto educator and entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains what is really unique and valuable about open blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Video timestamps:

0:00 Wait, haven't bitcoin, ethereum, and open blockchains already won? The industry is booming!
0:51 Stop celebrating the moneyed interests, start remembering why we're doing this.
1:51 We care about achieving certain goals. Decentralization isn't the goal.
2:19 The goal is fairness. How do we get to a fair society?
2:54 Decentralization, consensus algorithms, blockchains are ways to achieve fairness, in a new way.
3:24 Fighting over chips: the story of my aunt, 2 cousins, and 1 bowl of french fries
6:05 The game of split and choose, incentives and disincentives for good behavior
7:22 The fairness protocol explained
8:50 We've moved from dictators to institutions to self-enforcing systems to achieve fairness through a fairness protocol
9:18 We're using tools like digital signatures, hashes, zero-knowledge proofs, to create games. Fairness protocol games
10:23 It's not about the monetary policy of 21 million bitcoin, or smart contract execution, or DApps, or blockchain improvements, it's about delivering fairness, at scale, without intermediaries
11:18 Enforcement is included, by design, in fairness protocols
11:48 We have a pattern, a system, that allows fair outcomes without violence or an intermediary to enforce things
13:15 Examples of fairness protocol games in bitcoin, ethereum, lightning network, atomic swaps, smart contracts
14:15 Moneyed interests, do not see or value the fairness protocol, they want to make money
15:36 Stop applauding. They will abandon the fairness protocols they don't understand
16:31 They will try to reintroduce the aunt. Because that's what they know
18:32 Why do we need to build and maintain fairness protocols?
21:50 We built this system because other systems for achieving fairness have failed us. Repeatedly.

Andreas delivered this talk to a "live" audience via Zoom at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference 2020, better known as LABitConf in December 2020