08 October 2021 · 0 min read

Exploring the Future of a Digital Euro

Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger, Chairman of the Internet Economy Foundation (IEF), introduces this expert panel exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the benefits and challenges presented by a digital Euro. Clark Parsons, Managing Director of the IEF and the panel moderator, first welcomes Valeria Aragonés Díaz from Iconomy, who discusses best practices for establishing a digital Euro. Afterward, Nicolas Brand, a Partner at Lakestar, highlights how traditional venture capital can leverage blockchain-based digital currencies. Then, Sergey Nazarov, Co-founder of Chainlink, explains how Chainlink oracles can enable cross-chain CBDCs that securely interoperate between existing systems and any blockchain network. Before an illuminating question and answer period, Michael Kumhof, Senior Research Advisor at the Bank of England, thoroughly analyzes the macroeconomic factors impacting CBDCs.


0:00 Introduction from Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger 
1:40 Opening remarks from Clark Parsons 
4:37 Valeria Aragonés Díaz analyzes best practices for establishing a digital Euro 
9:17 Nicolas Brand on how venture capital can leverage CBDCs 
13:10 Sergey Nazarov explores how Chainlink can enhance CBDC functionality 
21:20 Michael Kumhof discusses the macroeconomics of CBDCs 
50:42 Q&A

The video was first published on October 6, 2021.