20 January 2021 · 0 min read

Ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Commodities, Debt Crisis & Digital Currencies

In this video, Cambridge House CEO Jay Martin sits down with the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. They discuss the current political climate, commodities market, sovereign debt crisis, and digital currencies.

Other topics covered in this interview include:

  • The most important decisions, or policies you put in place to help Canada make the most of the growth in resource prices through your tenure as Prime Minister.
  • Thoughts on the commodities market.
  • The end game with our runaway government debts.
  • The potential of a sovereign debt crisis.
  • Is the USD is sustainable as the world reserve currency?
  • What happens to the US is they were to lose Reserve currency status?
  • What would replace it?
  • Thoughts on Central Bank Issued Digital Currencies.
  • The economic forces that have been tipping the world toward populism.
  • The extent to which major technology companies are responsible for the growing divide and unrest.

The conversation took place at The VRIC 2021 virtual event, which took place on January 17-19, 2021.