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Ethereum as Ultra Sound Money

In this episode of Bankless podcast, David Hoffman and Ryan Adams interview Justin Drake, researcher at Ethereum Foundation. They talk about cryptography as the foundation for the Ethereum's "moonmath." Read More


0:00 Intro
5:08 The Economic Side of ETH
11:40 Ethereum's Economic Engine
24:00 Integration, The Meme, and Monetary Premiums
35:23 Sound Money & Economic Security
42:58 Cryptoeconomic Horsepower
47:57 Load-to-Power (Towing Capability)
55:59 Competing at the Base Layer
1:02:17 Repairing the Engine (Defense)
1:20:18 POS Plutocracy? Trust?
1:24:43 Engine Fuel
1:33:13 Engine Resilience
1:38:33 Redundance & Security
1:49:10 Stealth & Insurance
1:59:01 Economic Efficiency
2:09:11 Ultra Sound Money
2:18:00 ETH is Money
2:24:12 Hard Money
2:33:13 Closing & Disclaimers

The episode premiered on March 22, 2021.

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