POV Crypto
28 July 2020 · 0 min read

Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 with Preston Van Loon

In this episode of the POV Crypto podcast, the shows' hosts David Hoffman aka @TrustlessState on Twitter, and Christian Keroles (@ck_SNARKs) interview Preston Van Loon from the Prysmatic Labs.

The recent varying estimations of ETH 2.0 launch date have sparked new talks about the projects feasibility. In this talk, Preston gives his take about where the ETH 2.0 is in its development.

Besides, he also covers the following topics:

- How Prysmatic came to be
- The funding environment for client teams
- Phase 0 timeline and the r/Ethereum AMA
- Client differentiators
- Hardware requirements

The podcast was published on July 16, 2020.