29 December 2020 · 0 min read

Ethereum 2.0: Beginner's Guide To Proof Of Stake

In this tutorial, Alex Saunders of Nugget's News walks you through everything you need to know about staking on the new Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain aka ETH2. He gives a rundown on Eth2 and explains the different staking options for both beginner and advanced users. He also covers the pros and cons of each and provides tips on how to safely, securely and confidently become a validator and earn ETH rewards.


0:00 Introduction & summary of Eth2
2:55 Collective Shift Knowledge Centre
4:45 Validator FAQs & statistics
6:00 Consensys & running your own node
7:45 Depositing to a website: Staked & StakingEther
9:00 Depositing to an exchange: Coinbase, Binance & Huobi
10:05 Staking via Ledger & MyEtherWallet
11:50 Staking via RocketPool
13:30 Lido, StaFi, Stkr, StakeHound, Stake.fish & Figment
16:20 Professional services: LiquidStake, Codefi & Bison Trails
17:45 Plug & play staking: DAppnode, AVADO & Gridplus
18:40 Launching a node yourself
20:15 Alex’s final thoughts

The video premiered on December 23, 2020.