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Eric Weinstein on Bitcoin

In this video, Peter McCormack of What Bitcoin Did podcast, and Travis Kling, CIO at Ikigai Asset Management, interview Eric Weinstein, MD at Thiel Capital. They discuss about the essence of Bitcoin, its community, and potential impact on the world.

Episode timestamps:

0:00 Intro
00:00:37 Eric's intro to Bitcoin
00:03:13 Toxic maximalism
00:10:50 HFSP & altruism
00:13:13 Bitcoin as money
00:15:45 Is Bitcoin a monetary or technical revolution?
00:25:11 Money printing
00:36:01 Price volatility
00:40:27 Abundance & the world of Burning Man
00:42:33 The recent price drop
00:45:07 Elon Musk
00:57:43 Fix the money, fix the world
01:01:27 Eric gets censored
01:03:29 Multi-planetary species
01:05:49 Peter's worries for the future
01:07:29 The dangers of acceptance
01:13:25 MMT
01:17:06 Societal collapse
01:21:55 Centralisation is needed for big change
01:28:21 What can Bitcoin fix?
01:34:56 The problems with measuring inflation
01:51:59 Fallacies of the cost of living adjustment
02:00:29 Creating institutions
02:07:03 Challenging economic imperialism
02:09:50 Marketing Eric's message
02:15:01 Using wealth to change the power structure
02:22:05 Eric's final message

“I feel like the bitcoin community is one of the best communities to take on the future… we’ve got rich, smart, heterodox, idealistic, iconoclastic pirates. OK, what are we doing?”— Eric Weinstein

The episode was recorded on Thursday 27th, May 2021.