15 January 2020 · 0 min read

Dominic Frisby On The Future of Work, Money, Tax and Bitcoin

We are living through a period of immense economic change. The nature of work is changing too. As a result, the way we are taxed will have to change. That, in turn, will change the nature of government. Dominic Frisby, director at Cypherpunk holdings, comedian and author of books like "Bitcoin - The Future of Money" and "Life After State," explains it all.

"The most common criticism of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies - it's a bubble, it's another Tulip mania. But what people, historians of the great dutch Tulip mania forget to mention is that today, four hundred years after the great Tulip mania, Holland remains the international center of the flower industry," he says, adding that "We need bubbles. Bubbles are essential in economics. It's because of bubbles that all the infrastructure gets built. The internet would not be what it is today were it not for the dotcom bubble."
(The video was published in November 2019).