10 January 2021 · 0 min read

Desiree Dickerson & Ryan Gentry: Lightning is Bitcoin

In this episode of The Anita Posch Show, she talks with Desiree Dickerson and Ryan Gentry of Lightning Labs. They talk about the Lightning Network, what it is and what it is enabling, their most interesting products and their outlook for the Lightning Network in 2021.

Other topics touched include:

  • Their personal Bitcoin stories
  • Areas where Bitcoin is important today
  • What is LND (Lightning Network Daemon)?
  • The development of the Lightning Network since its start
  • Building through quarantine
  • Growing number of apps and Lightning services
  • Lightning Pool
  • Lightning Loop
  • Streaming money and Podcasting 2.0
  • Lightning Network in 2021
  • Atomic multipath payments
  • Kraken integrating Lightning
  • Does Lightning Labs hold Bitcoin as company asset

The episode premiered on January 7, 2021.