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DeFi-ing Expectations: The Future of Ethereum

Kraken's Editor-In-Chief Pete Rizzo leads an all-star Ethereum panel designed to introduce individuals to the opportunities provided by DeFi, dive deep into its current challenges, and how traders and investors can position themselves properly.

The lineup includes Ethereum pioneers Andrew Keys of Darma Capital and entrepreneur and investor William Mougayar, the co-founder of EthHub Anthony Sassano, and Ryan Sean Adams from Mythos Capital.

In this conversation, Ryan Sean Adams has revealed what DeFi means to him:

"Not only transacting, but also lending, borrowing and trading without a bank."

Meanwhile, Andrew Keys had broken it down to a single word: "Automation."

For Ethereum evangelist Anthony Sassano, DeFi is the start of an open, global financial system. In his words:

"In just a week, you could have a protocol with millions of dollars running through it."

The video was recorded on July 31, 2020.