23 July 2021 · 0 min read

Debt Cycles & the Rise of Bitcoin with Greg Foss & Dylan LeClair

In this interview, Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, talks to Bitcoin Strategist Greg Foss and Dylan LeClair from Bitcoin Magazine. They discuss crony capitalism and perpetual bailouts, why debt cycles spell inflation, and how the world will turn to Bitcoin.


00:00:00 Intro
00:12:03 Long-Term Debt Cycles
00:21:57 No way out
00:28:04 Inflation is the only option
00:39:35 Bitcoin: the greatest wealth transfer
00:48:40 A game of musical chairs
00:52:40 Smart money is in Bitcoin
01:00:00 How could it play out?

The episode premiered on July 19, 2021.