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Can Government-Issued Digital Currencies Solve Financial Inclusion Issues?

In this virtual panel led by Jessica Walker, Business Development Manager at United Remote, Frank Schuengel, Head Of Business Development and Operations at Q Services, Alexander Borodich, CEO & Founder at Universa, and Michelle Chivunga, CEO at Global Policy House discuss government-issued digital currencies and whether they can help to tackle the issue of financial inclusion. Read More

During the 20-minute discussion, the panelists discuss whether a government-issued cryptocurrency could transform all aspects of the financial landscape and facilitate a more accessible system. They also take on additional questions, such as how it could match up with fully decentralized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and will governments be able to out-innovate open-source services like DeFi.

The panel took place at the AIBC Summit Expo, which took place on November 25, 2020.

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