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Buy The Dip – a cryptocurrency comedy (full film)

As previously reported, cryptocurrency’s own Silicon Valley was in the works - a satirical film called “Buy the Dip” based on crypto, and will serve as a television pilot for “a series of short comedies and sketches on current trends and technology,” according to director Sam Lucas Smith. And now it’s out! Described as a funny Black Mirror, Buy The Dip is a short film that serves as a pilot for a series of satirical films based around current trends and technology. As Sam Lucas Smith told in an email, “I'll be pitching it for further development as a satirical series of comedies based around current trends and technology.” Meanwhile, Vard Productions say they hope to make more of them. As previously reported, if Smith manages to secure funding, he’d also be interested in turning this into a mini series, although he is not yet sure what direction the series would go in. He is also considering crowdfunding the series with crypto, making it the first completely crypto funded production. Witty, but short and sweet, the movie encompasses many people’s reactions about hearing about crypto for the first time. There’s a Lambo, too.