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BTC – Pay For Anyone, Not Everyone by Britt Kelly

In this presentation, Britt Kelly of the BTCPay Server team, explains what is BTCPay, how to deploy BTCPay Server and make use of BTCPay apps, how to create BTCPay invoices, and BTCPay is not for everyone.

According to her, BTCPay is not a suitable tool for people who don't know or don't care about:

1. What is an XPUB key.
2. Learning about software.
3. The command line.
4. DNS and domain names.
5. Paying fees, KYC, AML.
6. Validating transactions and privacy.
7. Censorship resistance.

In addition, Britt Kelly explains that BTCPay Server is not a tool for people who prefer someone else to do the following things for you:

1. Key & wallet management.
2. Read documentations to find out use cases.
3. Restart and update the servers.
4. IP and hostname setup.
5. You need something ASAP.
6. You trust someone else's node.
7. You trust you won't be canceled.

The talk was recorded at the BitBlockBoom 2020 conference, which took place on August 27-31 at Dallas, Texas.