22 July 2020 · 0 min read

Brian Brooks: What Crypto Needs to Know About the OCC

In this fireside chat which took place at this years' San Francisco Blockchain Conference, The U.S. Acting Comptroller of the Currency and former Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase, Brian Books, is interviewed by Dan Spuller, Co-Chairman at North Carolina Blockchain Initiative, and Kristin Smith, Executive Director of Blockchain Association.

"Banks and the concept of what a bank is has to evolve to meet the times, and I think crypto came about at a certain moment in time for a reason. It happened just as the financial crisis was unfolding, just as there was the first inkling of a lack of confidence in fiat money - not in just the U.S. but around the world," said the government official.

They also discuss the digital dollar, the SEC's view on approving the long-awaited Bitcoin ETF, the role of the government regulations in the private sector, and creating a viable framework for cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S.

"I get that I might be running the post office today and I wanna be out front to adapt when email comes online."