06 December 2020 · 0 min read

Bitcoin Zen w/ Gigi and Hass McCook

In this video, Brady Swenson, host of Citizen Bitcoin podcast, interviews pseudonymous Bitcoiner Gigi, author of 21 Lessons and engineer at Swan Bitcoin, and longtime Bitcoiner and dollar-cost averaging advocate Hass McCook. They reflect on the Bitcoin all-time high, March 13 market crash, benefits of dollar-cost averaging, moral failings of fiat money, Bitcoin development, user experience, and much more.

Episode timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
02:47 Reflections on Bitcoin All-Time High
06:45 ATH Predictions
11:00 Looking Back From March 13 Crash
18:30 Bicoin’s Reliability and Benefits of DCA
23:20 Hass’s Story
26:15 Gigi On Bitcoiners’ Conviction
30:00 The Moral Failings of Fiat Money
40:20 Predictions for Bitcoin Development
53:30 Comparing Bitcoin to the Internet
59:00 Bitcoin User Experience
1:09:07 Closing Thoughts
1:12:50 When the Bull Begun His Run
1:15:25 SSL Sign-Off

The video was live-streamed on December 1, 2020.