06 October 2021 · 0 min read

Bitcoin vs Crypto War with Udi Wertheimer, Crypto Cobain, Alex Gladstein & Allen Farrington

In this interview, Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, talks to Allen Farrington, Crypto Cobain, Udi Wertheimer, and Alex Gladstein as they discuss tokens and securities, scalability vs decentralisation, nation-state resistance, and building on Bitcoin.

Episode timestamps:

00:00:00 Introduction 
00:05:25 The Strong Survive 
00:18:24 Regulatory pressure 
00:35:13 Bitcoin vs Crypto 
00:54:51 Scams & innovation 
01:10:32 Fundamental flaws? 
01:27:29 Cat and mouse games 
01:45:22 Education approach

The episode premiered on October 4, 2021.