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Bitcoin Node and Lightning w/ BTC Sessions

In this video, Preston Pysh, host of the Investors Podcast, interviews Bitcoin educator BTC Sessions who explains the importance of running your own full Bitcoin node and what it means for instant settlement.

Video timestamps:

00:00:00 - Intro 
00:02:34 - How BTC Sessions First Got Introduced To Bitcoin 00:06:37 - Why a Person Should Run a Full Node 
00:10:41 - What Does a Full Node Enable? 
00:14:20 - Twitter’s Bitcoin Tipping Integration 
00:18:22 - Lightning and Instant Bitcoin Settlement 
00:28:12 - What Are the Incentives for the Regular Person to Use Layer 2 Bitcoin? 
00:30:52 - What’s the Best Way to Think About Opening Channels on Layer 2? 
00:40:08 - What Tools and Applications Exist on Layer 2 00:48:44 - What Is the Purpose of Lightning Pool?
 00:55:19 - What Apps and Hardware Is BTC Sessions Excited About?
 01:00:16 - What It Means to Be Streaming Sats?

The episode premiered on October 7, 2021.