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Bitcoin Attack: Can Bitcoin Be Taken Down Now With Just 7 Billion Dollars?

In this video, Bitcoin educator Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains whether well-funded adversaries can take down the Bitcoin network.


0:00 In a debate between A. Pompliano and M. Green, Green argued that a bad actor with $7bn can bring bitcoin down by DOS-ing it with empty blocks. What truth, if any, does Dr. Green’s message convey and would a nation state attempt such a move?
0:56 A 51% attack is not profitable
1:20 What about a nation-state that is not interested in a monetary reward and the only intention is to break bitcoin?
3:28 Will it bring bitcoin down?
4:01 Countermeasures
4:45 Making bitcoin more popular than ever, thanks to an attack like this

This was the first of many questions from the March 2021 Open Topic Q&A, which took place on March 28, 2021.