10 August 2021 · 1 min read

Bitcoin as The Future of Money w/ Jordan B. Peterson

In this episode of Dr. Jordan Peterson podcast, he sits down with four vocal Bitcoiners - Gigi, Author of Book 21 Lesions, Richard James, Creator of Hard Money Film, Robert Breedlove, host of What Is Money show, and John K. Vallis, host of Bitcoin-Rapid Fire podcast. They discuss the link between Bitcoin and personal responsibility, how central banking corrupts money, Austrian economics and how honest money can act as external representation of value.

Episode timestamps:

[00:00] Introduction
[0:18] Jordan introduces the "Bitcoin Bookclub" group.
[1:30] Gigi introduces himself to the viewers.
[2:10] John Vallis introduction, opening up the discussion to the empowering aspects of Bitcoin individuals who utilize the currency.
[5:00] The concept of taking more responsibility and extreme ownership that John feels Bitcoin pushes you toward.
[9:30] Richard James Introduction. A brief overview of Austrian economics as opposed to Keynesian.
[16:07] Robert Breedlove introduction.
[22:00] Explaining fiat currency. An overview of central banking history in the West. Looking at the gold standard that gave the American dollar an advantage around the world.
[29:00] John’s thoughts on value and external representation.
[31:30] Gigi talks about the technical creation and use of Bitcoin, how the total amount is stable/fixed, and why it’s set up so securely compared to other cryptocurrencies.
[39:00] Jordan speculates the reason that people use the American dollar, Richard James gives his response on "compelled currency".
[46:00] Jordan asks the group to examine the claim of arbitrary inflation in the United States and why it occurs.
[57:00] Visiting the American economic crisis of 2008.
[1:06:30] The group's opinion about Elon Musk's recent evaluation of Bitcoin's longevity.
[1:14:30] The practicality of using Bitcoin in everyday life.
[1:20:30] Exploring the potential criminal element inherent in non-regulated centralized money like Bitcoin.
[1:24:00] Thoughts on distributed sanity and revealing the truth of the world.

The show was recorded on May 23, 2021.