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Bitcoin As a Protest w/ Isaiah Jackson and Max Keiser

In this episode of Swan Signal featuring Isaiah Jackson, the author of Bitcoin and Black America, Max Keiser, the host of the Keiser Report, Jason Don, known as Brekkie von Bitcoin, who is a Creative Director at Swan, and Brady Swenson, the Head of Education at Swan, the conversation revolves around Bitcoin as a form of protest.

During the episode, Max Keiser explained his term cantillionaire: "The term 'cantillionaire' came out of my frustration that people getting this money first are called 'elite'. You would never describe a flesh-eating amoeba as 'elite'. This is how you have to understand cantillionaries."

He also said that "Software has transformed everything in everyone's lives now for a few decades. The last holdout that hasn't been utterly transformed by software was money itself."

"It always confuses me how people can be racist when they are getting *****by the Fed just like we are," added Isaiah Jackson.

Episode Summary and Chapters

00:00:00 - Welcome to Swan Signal Live
00:03:17 - How Bitcoin can help Black America economically, "Buck the Fanks", and Bitcoin as a choice
00:08:11 - Biases in the legacy financial system against black Americans
00:11:57 - What Bitcoin needs to become a serious opt-out option
00:14:16 - Using Bitcoin today
00:15:20 - Bitcoin's adoption as a medium of exchange and an opportunity for disenfranchised communities
00:19:54 - The impact of politics/legislation on Bitcoin and joining the revolution
00:23:47 - @IAmCharacter's speech at a protest
00:26:44 - George Floyd, "cantillionaires", and viral elites
00:30:21 - Intentions versus incentives, piracy, and Bitcoin as an unconfiscatible treasure
00:33:16 - Black Wall Street
00:35:10 - Bitcoin's circular economy and regulatory hurdles
00:36:33 - How to help Bitcoin grow, get others involved, and find common ground
00:42:58 - The response to Bitcoin and Black America
00:45:05 - Black Chain and supporting small businesses
00:46:22 - Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and using Bitcoin to defund the racism industry
00:55:33 - Resources for Bitcoiners
00:59:10 - Bitcoin's geopolitical impact and reshaping the world economy
01:04:05 - Reshaping the Bitcoin narrative to fit the audience
01:05:56 - Closing thoughts