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Bitcoin As a Hedge Against Economic Uncertainty

Lyn Alden, invest­ment manager and macro­eco­nomic thinker, and Jeff Booth, technology entre­pre­neur and author of Price of Tomorrow, and Brady Swenson, head of education at Swam, held a lively discus­sion about technology as a defla­tionary force, long-term debt cycles, and Bitcoin as a solution to unpayable sover­eign debt. Read More

Episode Summary and Chapters

00:00:00 - Introductions
00:01:45 - The four models of government financing
00:06:12 - The consequences of monetary manipulation
00:15:23 - Bitcoin as a hedge against economic uncertainty
00:20:32 - The consequences of fighting against deflation
00:22:24 - Bitcoin portfolio allocations and risk management
00:26:34 - Legitimizing Bitcoin as an investment asset
00:28:35 - Lyn's Bitcoin touchpoints
00:32:17 - Jeff's Bitcoin risk analysis
00:34:44 - The likelihood of a Bitcoin ban
00:38:32 - Learning from monetary history
00:41:02 - Fighting deflation with monetary inflation
00:46:44 - A peaceful path to Bitcoin?
00:55:07 - Price speculation and changing the unit of account
01:00:38 - Treasuries and inflation
01:09:18 - Closing thoughts

The video was recorded on July 29, 2020.

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