28 December 2020 · 0 min read

Bitcoin Art as a New Renaissance

In this episode of the Bitcoin & Co. podcast, host Anita Posch interviews Chris Tramount. He is the co-founder of Scarce.City - an online marketplace for Bitcoin-related art and collectibles. They discuss the possibilities to auction and verify digital art with Bitcoin and Lightning, and how this can enable a new Renaissance and completely new art forms.

Other topics covered in the episode include:

  • Chris Tramount's Bitcoin story
  • What is Scarce.City?
  • How is a Lightning Auction working?
  • What are Bitcoin collectibles?
  • How artists can participate
  • What is the business plan of Scarce.City?
  • What is NFT art?
  • A new Renaissance with Bitcoin
  • Use-cases for the Lightning Network

The episode premiered on December 25, 2020.