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Bitcoin and Traditional Assets w/ Dan Tapiero and Dan Matuszewski

In this episode of Swan Signal Live, Brady Swenson, the head of education at SwanBitcoin, is joined by two Dans: Dan Tapiero, the founder of DTAP Capital and 10T holdings, and Dan Matuszewski, a member of the early Kraken team and former Head of Trade at Circle. Dan Tapiero is a gold investor and entrepreneur who has recently become bullish on Bitcoin, while Dan Matuszewski is a Bitcoiner who has built a career by helping to source, route, and provide liquidity for the Bitcoin market.

In this episode, they discussed Bitcoin's correlation to traditional assets, generational differences in owning Bitcoin, posting Bitcoin as collateral, and the recent increase in Bitcoin's liquidity.

According to Dan Tapiero, "Bitcoin is a lot more than just a store of value. It's this security apparatus, it's the monetary protocol for the internet." When asked about Bitcoin as a hedge, he said that "Bitcoin can act as a hedge. But really Bitcoin is doing its own thing. Any asset up 230% annualized over ten years is doing its own thing."

Looking at the broader economy, Dan Matuszewski said that he doesn't see an end for asset price inflation. He also added that "Bitcoin's persistent correlation to macro markets is my biggest surprise of the year."


0:00 Introduction
1:45 Pump up video
3:45 Most surprising story of Bitcoin 2020
8:16 Thoughts on Microstrategy news
14:29 What are you looking at in the Macroworld
23:58 Posting Bitcoin as collateral
33:09 What happens to all the money being printed?
39:29 Generational differences in Bitcoin ownership
47:44 Bitcoin's liquidity
57:20 Bitcoin vs Gold
1:09:55 Wrap up

The conversation was live-streamed on September 30, 2020.