14 November 2020 · 0 min read

Bitcoin and The Fourth Turning

In this video, Brady Swenson, the host of Citizen Bitcoin podcast and head of education at SwanBitcoin chats with Bitcoin philosophers and writers Brandom Quittem and Robert Breedlove. They discuss ways to conceptualize Bitcoin, how profoundly it will affect society and its role in the upcoming Fourth Turning.


0:00 Introductions
4:49 Summary of 4th Turning and Bitcoin
13:32 Summary of Breedlove's "Most Brilliant Idea"
31:47 Tinkering vs Thinking
34:50 Order vs Entropy
45:49 Bitcoin as Decentralized Mycelium
58:36 Law of Decimation
1:02:47 Natural distributions of Inequality
1:14:33 Bitcoin and War
1:25:00 Peaceful capitalism aligns with nature
1:32:27 Bitcoin and property rights
1:42:00 Closing Thoughts
1:46:36 Wrap up

The episode was live-streamed on November 11, 2020.