10 June 2020 · 0 min read

Bitcoin - A Vaccine to Statism Virus?

In this virtual panel, organized by Bitcoin Sydney crew, well-known Bitcoin "maximalists" discuss the idea of personal sovereignty and statism, thus touching many recent issues including coronavirus lockdowns, riots against police, the growing need of "Bitcoin citadels" and an extent to which governments should exist and be able to interfere with individuals, groups, and their actions.

The guests of the panel include Aleks Svetski, the CEO of Bitcoin dollar-cost averaging app Amber and founder of the Bitcoin Times magazine, Francis Pouliot, the CEO of Bull Bitcoin and founder of Cyphernode, Bitcoin educator Giacomo Zucco, Stephan Livera, the host of the Stephan Livera Bitcoin podcast and founder of the Ministry of Nodes, Hass McCook, Bitcoin mining economics specialist, and John Pratt, Bitcoin Sydney meetup organizer.

Recording of the meetup was taken on July 10, 2020.