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Bitcoin 2022 Conference – Mining Stage – General Admission Day 2

This is a live stream of the Bitcoin 2022 Conference's general admission day two directly from the mining stage. 

Today's agenda:

  • 10:00AM: Mining Bitcoin with Renewables
    Speakers: Emma Todd (CEO at MMH Data Systems), Margot Paez (Fellow at Bitcoin Policy Institute), William Szamosszegi (CEO at Sazmining), Shaun Connell (Executive VP of Power at Lancium), and Spencer Marr (Founder of Sangha Systems).
  • 10:45AM: Blockstream Announcement
    Speaker: Dr. Adam Back (CEO of Blockstream).
  • 11:00AM: Is ESG an Attack on Bitcoin?
    Speaker: Elaine Ou (Editor at The BTC Times), Marty Bent (Founder of TFTC.io), Jaime Leverton (CEO at Hut 8 Mining), Troy Cross (Fellow at Bitcoin Policy Institute), and Greg Beard (CEO & President of Stronghold Mining Digital).
  • 12:30PM Canaan Announcement
    Speakers: Edward Lu (Senior VP at Canaan).
  • 12:45PM: Building New Grids
    Speakers: Paul Prager (Founder & CEO of TeraWulf), Sergii Gerasymovych (CEO & Co-founder at EZ Blockchain), Zachary Bradford (CEO & President at CleanSpark), Harry Sudock (VP of Strategy at GRIID), and Zack Voell (Bitcoin Miner at Braiins).
  • 1:30PM: (Home) Mining for the Streets
    Speakers: Matt Odell (Bitcoin & Privacy Advocate), Econoalchemist (Privacy Advocate), Jonathan Yuan (Founder of Coin Heated), Diverter (Privacy Advocate), and John Stefanopoulos (Founder of FutureBit).
  • 2:15PM: Cosmic Bitcoin Mining
    Speakers: Dhruv Bansal (CSO at Unchained Capital), Chun Wang (Co-founder of F2Pool), David Bailey (CEO of Bitcoin Magazine), Brandon Green (Chief of Staff at BTC Inc.), and Jesse Peltan (Co-founder of HODL Ranch).
  • 3:00PM: Started (Mining) From The Bottom Now We Here
    Speakers: Kevin Zhang (Mining Strategist at Foundry), Amanda Fabiano (Head of Mining at Galaxy Digital), Harry Sudock (VP of Strategy at GRIID), and Ben Gagnon (Chief Mining Officer at Bitfarms).

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