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Bitcoin 2022 Conference – Main Stage – General Admission Day 2

Watch Day 3 of the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, Florida. 

This live stream features all speeches from the main Nakamoto stage, as well as commentary from the sidelines.

Agenda for today's event (all times are provided in EDT timezone):

  • 9:15AM: Bitcoin Macroeconomic Landscape
    Speakers: Trey Lockerbie (Host at The Investor's Podcast Network), Jeff Booth (Entrepreneur & Author of The Pirce of Tomorrow), Dr. Jeff Ross (Founder & CEO of Vailshire Capital Management), Mark Moss (Investor & Nationally Syndicated Radio Host), and Preston Pysh (Co-founder of The Investors Podcast Network).
  • 9:45AM: Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation Keynote
    Speaker: Mykhailo Fedorov (Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine).
  • 10:00AM: You Are The Carbon They Want To Reduce
    Speakers: Nic Carter (Partner at Castle Island Ventures), Darin Feinstein (Co-founder at Core Scientific), Stephen Barbour (President at Upstream Data), Amanda Fabiano (Head of Mining at Galaxy Digital), and MacKenzie Sigalos (Tech Reporter at CNBC).
  • 10:50AM: Bitcoin Advocacy Project Announcement
    Speaker: Grant McCarthy (Executive Director at Bitcoin Advocacy Project).
  • 11:00AM: Free Your Money (Sponsored)
    Speaker: Shachar Bialick (Founder & CEO of Curve).
  • 11:30AM: Annual State of Bitcoin
    Speakers: Dr. Adam Back (CEO at Blockstream), Aaron van Wirdum (Tech Editor at Bitcoin Magazine), Steve Lee (Lead at Spiral).
  • 12:00PM: The US Constitution and Bitcoin
    Speakers: Neal Kumar Katyal (Partner at Hogan Lovells), and Justin Wales (Head of Legal for North America at Crypto.com).
  • 12:30PM: BitPay Announcement
    Speakers: Tony Galippi (Co-founder of BitPay).
  • 1:30PM: Jordan Peterson Fireside
    Speakers: Dr. Jordan Peterson (Professor, Psychologist & Author), and Tuur Demeester (Author & Economist at Clovio).
  • 2:15PM: The Unwinding of the Petrodollar
    Speakers: Stephan Livera (Podcast Host & Managing Director at Swan Bitcoin International), Lyn Alden (Financial Analyst at Lyn Alden Investment Strategy), Fred Thiel (CEO at Marathon), Matthew Pines (National Security Fellow at Bitcoin Policy Institute), and Avik Roy (President of The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity).
  • 3:00PM: Senator Cynthia Lummis Fireside
    Speakers: Cynthia Lummis (U.S. Senator), and Marco Santori (CLO at Kraken).
  • 3:30PM: Mike Novogratz Keynote
    Speaker: Mike Novogratz (CEO & Founder of Galaxy Digital).
  • 4:15PM: Fix the Money, to Leave the World
    Speakers: Eric Weinstein (Managing Director at Thiel Capital), and Abraham Loeb (Professor of Science at Harvard University).
  • 4:45PM: Goodbye & Closing Remarks
    Speaker: David Bailey (CEO of Bitcoin Magazine).

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