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“Off The Charts” Virtual Conference

Binance is kicking off its third anniversary with one of the bigger blockchain events of the year. In this 10 hours live event with multi-regional programming, you will see more than 80 influential speakers, including blockchain and crypto thought leaders, top academics, and key policymakers.

Join us and following this exciting event by Binance with Cryptonews!

AGENDA: Global stage, JUL 14, 2020 (UTC)

9:00 AM (UTC) - SECTION 1: Europe & UK

9:02 AM (UTC) Opening Remarks

Josh Goodbody - Binance
Teana Baker-Taylor - Binance

9:03 AM (UTC) Welcome Remarks

CZ - Binance

9:05 AM (UTC) PANEL: Shaping the Future of Policy and Regulation

Robert W. Kopitsch - Blockchain For Europe
Delphine Forma - Crypto Valley Association
Anson Zeall - ACCESS
Moderator: Teana - Binance

9:25 AM (UTC) PANEL: Bridging Crypto and Traditional Finance

Charles Hoskinson - Cardano, IOHK
Rich Teo - Paxos
Hany Rashwan - 21Shares
Moderator: Ajit - Binance

9:50 AM (UTC) PANEL: Rise of Decentralization: Today’s Web3 and DeFi Solutions

Joseph Lubin - ConsenSys
Rune Christensen - MakerDAO
Jamie Burke - Outlier Ventures
Moderator: Camila Russo - The Defiant

10:15 AM (UTC) PANEL: Do More With Data: Bringing Blockchain Analytics to the Masses

Carylyne Chan - CoinMarketCap
Vincent Niu - DappReview
Tom Lee - Fundstrat Global Advisors
Moderator: Charlie Shrem -

10:40 AM (UTC) AWARDS Announcement

Binance Influencer Award 2020: Europe
Binance’s Launchpad Project of the Year 2020 (Global)

10:45 AM (UTC) Announcement

11:00 AM (UTC) SECTION 2: Asia-Pacific

11:00 AM (UTC) Welcome Remarks

Hazel Watts - Binance
Min Park - Binance

11:05 AM (UTC) PANEL: Crypto’s Global Expansion: Evolving Uses for Digital Assets

Pang Xue Kai - Tokocrypto
Jiho Kang - Binance.KR
Sam Bankman-Fried - FTX
Juan Otero -
Justin Sun - TRON & BitTorrent
Moderator: Wei Zhou - Binance

11:30 AM (UTC) PANEL: Emerging Applications for Blockchain and Crypto

Joseph Hung - Klaytn
Ken Nakamura - GMO
Richard Yan - Vite
Zhuling Chen - AELF
Moderator: Genping Liu - Vertex Ventures

11:55 AM (UTC) PANEL: What’s Next for Blockchain & Crypto in India

Naveen Surya - Fintech Convergence Council & PCI
Nischal Shetty - WazirX
Sandeep Nailwal - Matic Network
Navin Gupta - Ripple
Moderator: Ajit Tripathi - Binance

12:20 PM (UTC) KEYNOTE: Pandemics, Public Health and The Blockchain Revolution

Don Tapscott - The Blockchain Research Institute
Moderator: Helen Hai - Binance

12:55 PM (UTC) AWARDS Announcement

Binance’s Philanthropist of the Year 2020 (Global)
Binance Influencer Award 2020: Asia Pacific

1:00 PM (UTC) SECTION 3: Africa & Middle East

1:05 PM (UTC) Welcome Remarks

Damilola Odufuwa - Binance
Omar Rahim - Binance

1:08 PM (UTC) Announcement

1:20 AM (UTC) PANEL: Moving Toward a Cashless Society: How Crypto Revolutionizes Digital

Sean Rolland - BitPay
John Khenneth Parungao - Swipe
Tyler Spalding - Flexa
Moderator: Kristina Lucrezia Corner - Cointelegraph

1:40 PM (UTC) PANEL: Blockchain Education: Keys to a New Career

Apolline Blandin - Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
Thamim Ahmed - UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies
Erick Pinos - Ontology
Moderator: Dami - Binance

2:00 PM (UTC) PANEL: Crypto in Africa: Mobilizing the Unbanked

Yele Bademosi - Bundle
Chimezie Chuta - BNUG
Eugene Mutai - Raise
Munachi Ogueke - Yellow Card
Moderator: Sonya Kuhnel - Bitcoin Events

2:27 PM (UTC) PANEL: CZ & Akoin: Driving Crypto Adoption and Innovation in Rising Economies

Akon - Akoin
Jon Karas - Akoin
Moderator: CZ - Binance

2:55 PM (UTC) AWARDS Announcement

Binance Influencer Award 2020: Africa
Best Binance Chain Wallet 2020: Global

3:00 PM (UTC) SECTION 4: Russia & CIS

3:05 PM (UTC) Welcome Remarks

Anna Baydakova - CoinDesk
Gleb Kostarev - Binance

3:10 PM (UTC) PANEL: Intelligent Investing: Is Crypto Right for You?

Meltem Demirors - CoinShares
Paul Veradittakit - Pantera Capital
Patrick Heusser - Crypto Finance
Moderator: Josh Goodbody - Binance

3:35 PM (UTC) PANEL: Trading Strategies: Finding Your Trading Edge

Roei Leva - Efficient Frontier
Michael Feng - Hummingbot
Darius Sit - QCP Capital
Justin Chow - Cumberland
Moderator: Charlie Shrem -

4:00 PM (UTC) PANEL: Defi Talks: Building Secure Smart Contract Infrastructure in the World of Open Protocols

Sergej Kunz - 1inch
Calvin Liu - Compound
Felix Xu - ARPA
Moderator: Alex Saunders - Nugget's News

4:20 PM (UTC) PANEL: Mission Critical: Maintaining User Privacy and Shielding User Data

Brendan Eich - Brave
Peter DeMeo - IBM
Harry Halpin - NYM
Moderator: Rachel - CoinDesk

4:40 PM (UTC) KEYNOTE: Building at Scale with AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Lianghong Fei - Amazon Web Services

5:00 PM (UTC) AWARDS Announcement

Binance’s Angels of the Year 2020 (Global)

5:00 PM (UTC) SECTION 5: North America & LATAM

5:05 PM (UTC) Welcome Remarks

Leah Li - Binance
Mayra Siqueira - Binance

5:07 PM (UTC) Announcement

5:10 PM (UTC) FIRESIDE: Roadmap to Adoption: Crypto’s Evolving Regulatory Environment

Perianne Boring - Chamber of Digital Commerce
Moderator: Teana - Binance

5:35 PM (UTC) PANEL: Race to Success: Scalability in Blockchain Development

Beniamin Mincu - Elrond
Nick White - Harmony
Mo Dong - Celer Network
Terry Wang - IOST
Moderator: Lucas Nuzzi - CoinMetrics

6:00 PM (UTC) PANEL: Security: Managing the Keys to Crypto’s Success

Nicolas Bacca - Ledger
Victor Radchenko - Trust Wallet
Veronica Wong - SafePal
Matt Marx - PhishFort
Konstantin Gladych - AtomicWallet
Moderator: Michael Gu - Boxmining

6:30 PM (UTC) PANEL: COVID-19 Effect: Accelerating the Adoption of Crypto

Kyle Samani - Multicoin Capital
Catherine Coley - Binance.US
Moderator: Ryan Selkis - Messari

6:50 PM (UTC) AWARDS Announcement

Binance Influencer Award 2020: North America
Binance Influencer Award 2020: Global

7:00 PM (UTC) Closing Remarks