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Asking the Questions: BTC & ETH w/ Preston Pysh

In this episode of Bankless podcast, Ryan Adams and David Hoffman talk with Preston Pysh from the Investor Podcast Network. They discuss the key differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols and communities. Read More

Episode timestamps:

0:00 Intro
5:50 Preston Pysh
8:17 Macro Value Investing
16:32 Moving to Bitcoin
21:22 The Last Free Market
26:13 Decentralized & P2P
29:32 Misconceptions
37:05 DeFi and Execution Risk
40:55 Ethereum Concerns
45:00 ETH’s Price Action
49:20 Protocol Consensus
53:54 Nodes
1:00:55 Work Vs. Stake
1:10:30 Clean Energy & Halvings
1:19:00 Issuance & EIP-1559
1:28:45 Currency and Blockspace
1:34:43 Risk-on vs Risk-off
1:38:24 Decentralized Finance
1:52:30 Preston Pitches ETH
1:56:06 David & Ryan Pitch BTC
2:00:40 On the Same Team
2:04:46 Closing & Disclaimers

The episode premiered on June 14, 2021.

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