03 July 2019 · 0 min read

Asia Blockchain Summit: Are Bulls Really Back?

Are the crypto bulls REALLY back - find out who is bullish or bearish at the biggest Asia crypto meetup - Asia Blockchain Summit (July 2-3, 2019). A popular crypto YouTuber, Boxmining (Michael Gu), interviews attendees to find out if they are bringing in new capital into the blockchain space or if we're headed to a bull trap. 1:25 Is Chinese Media getting censored? - Mia Bao 6:51 Tokenising music - Leo Chang 11:31 Developers on the blockchain - Henry Wan 13:55 Is Bitcoin the only true cryptocurrency? - Samson Mow 26:45 Trading / quant trading - Paul Rogov 29:53 Why China wants USDT - Clement IP 34:04 Taiwan exchange - Yvonne Chen