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Anita Posch On Bitcoin In Africa, Lightning Network & Privacy

In this video, Lina Kather of cryptocurrency exchange BTCBOX Japan, interviews Anita Posch, Bitcoin educator and host of Bitcoin & Co. podcast.

They talk about Anita's Bitcoin experiences in Africa, the reasons why she is educating people about Bitcoin, altcoins, the importance of privacy, the Lightning Network, and why she believes that Bitcoin will stay the world’s dominant cryptocurrency in the future.

“Bitcoin is here for 11 years now and it runs very reliable and it’s very secure in itself. The other system, the banking system, we have this for two or 300 years. We have gold for thousands of years. And, so people have also to see that they can trust in new technologies and new forms of money, like Bitcoin,” said Anita Posch.

“I think that Bitcoin will stay the most dominant cryptocurrency in the world, because its roots are like grassroots, its networking effect, it has grown from some nerds who used it at the beginning, to a worldwide known money, this is huge without having a company behind it or any marketing money or something like that,” she added.