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Adam Ilenich on Web3 Community Building, Twitter and Rarible | CryptoNews Podcast #173


Adam Ilenich is the Head of Community at Rarible, where he oversees social media marketing, partnership activations, and Discord—all while finding ways to be involved in events and new business, too. He also co-hosts Rarible’s Monday “GM Weekly” Twitter Spaces. Prior to joining Rarible, he worked at Twitter running the @TwitterMktg handle and producing some of the highest-performing content on that channel. He has bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Political Theory from Michigan State University. 

In this conversation, we discuss: 

- Working at Twitter 
- Elon Musk Twitter takeover 
- Crypto Twitter 
- Importance of community in Web3 
- Replying & responding to people online 
- Rarible 2 
- Long-term lockers receiving greater voting power 
- $RARI Buying and Listing Rewards 
- Community marketplaces 
- Royalties on NFT exchanges 
- Quality interactions over numbers