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Abe Cambridge: Invest in Solar Powered Bitcoin

In this episode of The Anita Posch Show, Anita interviews Abe Cambridge, the founder and CEO of Sun Exchange, the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. Cambridge has an academic background in climate change science. Through his studies, it became alarmingly clear that climate change presents the most imminent threat to humanity. They discuss how to transition the world away from fossil fuels and towards solar power, the most deployable, affordable and accessible type of renewable energy.

They also talk how Bitcoin makes it possible to open up owning solar cells and earning from it to anyone for as little as 5 USD.

"Sun Exchange allows micro ownership of the solar panels. And there were children in the Stellenbosch Waldorf school who were purchased solar panels by their parents. And they're earning Bitcoin once per month from them. So you've got kids who are growing up, earning Bitcoin, powering their own school and know that solar energy works," - Abe said.

The episode premiered on March 18, 2021.