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Aave’s CEO On The Potential For “DeFi Credit Bubble”

In this video interview by Layer1, Aave's (LEND) CEO Stani Kulechov breakdowns his story on how he got into crypto, what is Aave and ETHLend, LEND token and also gives his view on whether there will be a DeFi "Credit Bubble," CeFi versus DeFi, yield farming and how to retain users, as well as the biggest barriers to DeFi and Ethereum.


0:00 - Start
2:10 Stani’s Story
7:08 ETHLend History and How DeFi has changed since 2017
10:34 Aave Breakdown
16:10 Potential of a DeFi “Credit Bubble”?
25:30 CeFi vs DeFi
32:18 Yields and how you retain users in DeFi.
36:51 $LEND Token Overview
40:01 What are the biggest barriers for DeFi?
43:15 Can Ethereum sustain increased usage? Who benefits?
46:12 What DeFi projects do you like?
47:33 What applications will Aave be integrated with in the future?
48:39 What is the risk appetite for VCs now?
51:00 What other sectors in Crypto interest you?
52:04 Book Recommendation