# Verge

The Verge platform and its XVG cryptocurrency are built around securing privacy for the blockchain-based transactions. This is to be achieved by the technology of obfuscation of traffic and users’ IP addresses and the parallel implementation of I2P and Tor technologies. Based on this, Verge became a part of the privacy coin wave which also includes Monero, Dash and Zcash cryptocurrencies. Verge started out as a community-based project, meaning that it was not a product of an individual or corporate effort. Back in 2014, its inspiration was Dogecoin after which it was initially named “DogeCoinDark”. In 2016, Verge got its current name. Two years later, the project entered the partnership with Canadian company MindGeek which is the owner of popular adult entertainment website Pornhub. Verge treats privacy as the basic right of the blockchain user, which is enforced by having Tor route connections among several PCs on the network, bypassing single ISP. At the same time, I2P ensures anonymity with the help of its overlay network. Finally, Verge implements the Wraith Protocol which allows the users to choose between transactions on public or private blockchains.