# Ontology

The Ontology platform and its ONT token go for a simplified implementation of blockchain and promotion of easier accessibility to it by business systems. The ONT emerged as a response to the misconception that the use of blockchain should be the sole domain of organizations with hi-tech infrastructure and technical expertise. Erik Zhang and Da HongFei from the Chinese company Onchain, a designer of the NEO blockchain, launched the Ontology platform in 2017. To avoid association of blockchain with a sort of technical exclusivity, the team designed Ontology as a repository of tools for easy implementation and customization of blockchain by businesses. This also meant allowing the companies to keep their existing infrastructure and treating Ontology as a sort of an optional but highly useful upgrade. Interoperability of various chains as part of the central platform is yet another important asset of the Ontology, paired with the flexibility of allowing the users to make use of both private and public chains. Ontology was featured in the news in 2019 based on its organization of multiple airdrops and giveaways.