# Lympo

Lympo is a blockchain-based platform at the heart of the ecosystem dedicated to exchanging and giving rewards for the provision of user-generated sports, health and wellness data. The Lympo token (LYM) facilitates this exchange by creating a marketplace for matching people with sports and wellness specialists and rewarding each participant in this ecosystem. The Lympo team organized the dedicated ICO in early 2018. In addition to its CEO Ada Jonušė, who also serves as an advisor for the ETHlend platform, its team is made up of experienced sports entrepreneurs, software engineers, and advisors. In addition to them, the participants in the Lympo ecosystem include data owners, trainers, insurers, physicians and sports inventory creators as the users who can exchange information to improve workouts, regimens, plans and health of their clients. Here, the LYM token can be used to pay for health-enhancing products and services and reward users who achieve healthy lifestyle goals. Based on this model, Lympo managed to acquire some known partners, such as Dallas Mavericks.