John McAfee

John McAfee (born in 1945) is a British-American programmer, businessman and cryptocurrency enthusiast, best known as the founder of McAfee Associates which launched the first commercial antivirus software product line. Even after leaving the company, McAfee remained a highly influential figure in the fields of cyber security, surveillance, privacy and, more recently, cryptocurrencies. At the same time, McAfee gained notoriety by being involved in several high profile scandals, including allegations of murder and promotion of tax evasion. Over the past few years, McAfee dabbled in the world of cryptocurrencies, becoming one of the vociferous promoters of Bitcoin, best known for his 2017 announcement that he would eat his private parts on TV if the price of Bitcoin does not jump to USD 1 million within three years. In the crypto community, the perception of McAfee’s antics and activities largely varies, ranging from seeing him as an important yet eccentric blockchain evangelist to being an advocate of dubious projects. He is also known for his feuds with other famous personalities from the cryptosphere, including Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. Recently, McAfee announced that he would run in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, with the promotion of cryptocurrencies topping the list of his political priorities. In 2018, McAfee was appointed CEO of Luxcore company which works with enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.