# Jeremy Allaire

Jeremy Allaire is the CEO of Circle, a crypto-oriented company focused on digital currencies and backed by investment bank Goldman Sachs. Based on Allaire’s earlier experience in the world of finances and a strong interest in cryptocurrencies, Circle aims to become a bridge between the sources of digital funding and mainstream customers. Allaire’s interest in new technologies started out at an age of dot-com bubble, during which he sought ways to link the expansion of the Internet technology with the world of business. He holds degrees in political science, philosophy and economics from the Macalester College. In 1995, he co-founded the computer software company Allaire Corporation. Today, Allaire often makes news based on his activities as a crypto pundit and comentator. He has called for the stronger and more efficient regulation of cryptocurrencies based on international cooperation and the focus on prevention of money laundering and terrorist funding. Allaire has often been described as being bullish on tokenized assets and a strong opponent of those who claims that cryptos are bound to become a magnet for criminals.