The ICON platform and its ICX tokens are found at the heart of the decentralized global network designed to connect as many independent chains on it, while allowing transactions to take place among them. In addition to this, ICON promotes itself as a network of communities built around specific blockchains. In addition to its infrastructure, the ICON project is powered by the concept of the ICON Republic which operates as a global ecosystem of so-called interchains, all with specific groups of users. ICON seeks to link all of these in an effort to turn them into potential focal points of future industries. To achieve this, it features a blockchain protocol capable of supporting interoperability at a global scale, with its prospective stakeholders including the government, education, healthcare, fintech and other sectors. The platform’s focus on interoperability and decentralization made it a suitable candidate for expanding its ecosystem with the planned launch of its own decentralized exchange in the push to provide its coins with more liquidity.