# Golem

Being billed as the AirBnB for computers in the news puts much pressure on the Golem Network and its GNT currency to deliver what its developers promise as decentralized global network and marketplace for computing power. The Golem should allow the users to trade these resources in an effort to make it easier to deliver demanding CGI effects, simulations, calculations, machine learning etc. The Golem project started its existence in Poland under the leadership of Julian Zawistowski who previously worked on the blockchain platform Hoard. The platform was launched in 2016 after being developed for two years with the Ethereum as its role model. While the renting and sharing spare computing resources in the manner of globally relevant networks such as Uber or AirBnB has yet to become a mainstream, the Golem’s developers believe that their project will become more desirable than centralized services based on it being cheaper and more readily available.