21 Nov 2021 · 2 min read

Zuki Moba Successful USD 1.5M Fundraise Leads to Massive Launch Across Five LaunchPads

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Zuki Moba has announced a series of IDOs for this week in its efforts to take blockchain gaming a significant step forward. Zuki Moba, a decentralized blockchain-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), will debut 5 IDOs hosted by five distinct launch pads between November 19th and 20th, according to the press release.

The first IDO event will take place on the Binstarter launchpad from November 19th to November 20th, 2021. On November 20th, the second IDO will be hosted by BSC Station. The third IDO will happen on LaunchZone on November 20th. On November 20th, the fourth and fifth IDO will be hosted on Krystal Go and JLaunchPad respectively.

The news states that before the public sale, Zuki Moba completed a successful private investment round to raise USD 1.4 million.VBC, Alphamoon, and OMG were among the presale investors, while Crypto Era, Onebit Ventures, Binstarter, CoinLab, Jade Labs, DTS, COINCU Financial, BAS, Kiwigroup, and LaunchZone were among the participants in the initial round.

Gaming economies are the future, and they will happen on blockchains

It's no secret that the gaming industry has been on a tear lately. It's one of the areas that have benefited significantly from the COVID-19 epidemic. The worldwide gaming market is currently worth USD 180 billion, with video games the fastest-growing form of entertainment in the world. In comparison, the global film industry is worth USD 100 billion while all North American sports combined are USD 73 billion.

Blockchain gaming and Play to Earn (P2E) gaming are two of the most popular trends in the broader crypto community; everyone may profit from these games, although some will require a large investment upfront.

Games are already being used to power the future of real estate by combining them with blockchain technology. As video games continue to grow at a breakneck speed, they are an excellent entry point for individuals of all ages. Furthermore, it may be enjoyed via a variety of gadgets, including mobile phones and tablets.

NFTs and gaming, a perfect match

The introduction of NFTs to gaming has triggered a paradigm shift in which gamers may use games hosted on decentralized ledger technology (DLT) to supplement their income or even full-time jobs.

Take, for instance, the game Axie Infinity. It is a computer or mobile game that players may play on their machines. Players can earn in-game money to develop new creatures or improve existing ones by breeding them. All in-game assets are non-fungible tokens that may be freely traded on the marketplace. It's a bold concept to give players direct authority over in-game assets and revenue generation. However, it may have a significant impact on many people's lives, since playing video games might provide an income stream for anybody.

Moba Zuki, according to its website, aims to generate money by introducing NFTs into the gaming business. Gamers may earn tokens while playing. By doing so, Moba Zuki enables blockchain gamers' to earn cryptocurrency through the blockchain. Gamers may also spend tokens or trade them to make a profit from their gaming efforts.

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