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This Year’s Biggest Crypto Presale is Happening Right Now – 50x Potential by 2023?

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The IMPT (IMPT) presale has now passed $5.5 million in total funds raised so far, only two weeks after beginning. This total marks another important milestone for the Ethereum-based carbon credit marketplace, which will provide consumers with the ability to earn NFT-based carbon offsets via shopping with green retailers.

The $5.5 million total means that the Impact Project has raised an average of $366,666 per day, indicating that it will reach the hard cap for stage one of its sale, $10.8 million, in the next 14 or 15 days. From there, it will raise its current $0.018 presale price to $0.023, while the end of its sale will herald its first listings, which may see it rise by significant percentages.

This Year’s Biggest Crypto Presale is Happening Right Now – 50x Potential by 2023?

The Impact Project presale began on October 3, and it has managed to raise a steady stream of funds since then. It raised $150,000 within its first 24 hours before reaching $550,000 within 48 hours, then $1 million within 72 hours, $2 million within five days, $3 million within a week, $4 million in 11 days, $5 million in a fortnight, and now $5.5 million.

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It’s arguable that the ongoing bear market has made investors hungrier for promising new coins that have the potential for big gains. However, the Impact Project has attracted traders for one simple reason: it has strong fundamentals.

Not only does the Impact Project have solid fundamentals, but these fundamentals touch on the environment, making it a big draw for the growing numbers of ESG investors throughout the globe. In particular, it enables consumers to shop via a network of “thousands” of retail brands, all of which contribute a percentage of their sales to environmental causes and initiatives. 

As such, users will be able to support eco-friendly activities and projects simply by shopping online, with the Impact Project currently explaining that it has signed up more than 25,000 affiliate brands. This is an impressive number, testifying to how quickly it’s building out its network.

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The Impact Project incentivizes green behavior in one other main way: it will provide consumers with native IMPT tokens as a reward for eco-friendly shopping, with this IMPT then being used to purchase NFT-based carbon credits. Such credits can be sold on the platform’s marketplace, or they can be retired, improving a user’s carbon score.

Either way, the Impact Project promises to create a reward structure that will encourage greener behavior not only on the part of consumers but also on the part of retailers. That’s because the latter will seek to tap into the market offered by the Impact Project, and the way to do this will be to support environmental projects.

On top of this, the Impact Project’s use of the Ethereum blockchain will help make the market for carbon credits more transparent, largely because all NFT-based credits will be publicly viewable on Ethereum. A lack of transparency has been a problem for this market for too long, so making it more open should encourage wider participation.

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Lastly, businesses will be able to offset their carbon footprints via the Impact Project, since they will be able to use the latter’s marketplace to acquire and then retire carbon credits. In sum, the inclusion of consumers, retailers, and businesses, in general, should ultimately create a thriving ecosystem.

IMPT Token to 50x by 2023

As of writing, 1 IMPT still costs $0.018, although it’s more or less halfway towards ending stage one, at which point its price will rise to $0.023, and later to $0.028 (in stage three).

It’s hard to say just how much IMPT will rise once it receives its first exchange listings, but it’s worth looking at other presales to get an idea. For example, Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by 1,800% compared to its presale price after it was listed on OKX earlier this month, 

While no one can guarantee such a rise for IMPT, even a 100% or 200% rise will see it increase to $0.036 or $0.054. This is entirely plausible, given its fundamentals, while a 50x rise will bring it up to $0.9.

With a total maximum supply of three billion IMPT, an increase to $0.9 later in 2023 isn’t out of the question. Not least when the Impact Project has such promising fundamentals.

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