With Presale Days From Closing, Chimpzee (CHMPZ) Has Raised Millions And Is Set To Revolutionize The “Eco-Friendly” Niche

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Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is a noteworthy cryptocurrency initiative that is actively contributing to global environmental improvement. To date, it has assisted with the planting of 1200 trees in the Brazilian jungle, and an additional 20,000 trees in Guatemala, and also collaborated with WeForest to plant more than 5,000 trees in Tanzania. Next up, it’s saving animals in war-torn Ukraine – for the second time.

However, the presale is in the last stage, making joining it now critical. We provide you with all the information you require about the CHMPZ presale so you can also help the environment.

Chimpzee Has Brought New Ideas To The Table

With a focus on combating climate change and protecting animals, Chimpzee provides users with a means to make passive money. Ten percent of the token supply and a percentage of the earnings have been set aside by the team for organizations who are actively tackling these important issues. Furthermore, Chimpzee has provided thorough plans for a community outreach program and ambassador program that will be supported by project money in order to emphasize the significance of generating funds and awareness for conservation initiatives. The Giving Block, Rainforest Rescue, WILD, and One Tree Planted are among the groups that collaborate.

To support this goal, Chimpzee offers a variety of powerful features, including systems for Shop-to-Earn, Trade-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn. These features enable users to actively contribute to the project’s overall objectives and earn incentives.

With an emphasis on the Chimpzee shop, NFT marketplace, and Zero Tolerance Game, Chimpzee offers a wide range of features designed to captivate cryptocurrency aficionados. The Chimpzee store acts as a focal location for a range of goods. On the other hand, the NFT marketplace makes it easier to trade NFTs and provides a mechanism to earn passive revenue by splitting the trading costs of the platform.

In the ecologically conscious Zero Tolerance Game, players can earn CHMPZ tokens by reaching certain objectives. Inside the Chimpzee ecosystem, holders of Chimpzee NFT passports are eligible for additional perks that increase their potential for passive income. The steps necessary to obtain a Chimpzee NFT passport are outlined below.

The Last CHMPZ Presale Stage Is Upon Us

The CHMPZ coin is currently valued at $0.00155 with a $0.00185 listing price. To date, CHMPZ has raised more than $2.5 million in funding. An end-of-presale giveaway allows you to win up to 1,000,000 $CHMPZ tokens at each $50,000 fundraising milestone – so long as you purchase more than $150 $CHMPZ.

Furthermore, there’s a bonus structure that investors are taking advantage of. Combined with the giveaway, the bonus can drop the purchase price to $0.00078 or less during the final stages.

Following the presale, exclusive Chimpzee NFT Passports will be offered after to everyone in a special whitelist event before they are available to the public.

After the presale ends, the Chimpzee team will shift its main attention to getting listings on several exchanges and developing the core technologies that underpin the platform.


Unquestionably, Chimpzee stands apart in the present crypto market. Since you may purchase the token at a lower cost, we strongly advise you to look into the project before it moves into its final stages. In addition to joining one of the crypto industry’s fastest-growing communities and ecosystems, you will have a significant impact on the world.