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Will Siveter — First The Ipod King, Now The Shiba Inu General

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

William Bill Siveter feeding Pigeons in Zona Colonial - Santo Domingo

There are various William Bill Siveter interviews and news articles appearing across the web.  Sites are eager to talk to the Augusta-GA native being dubbed the “King of the iPods.”   An average Joe until Apple officially discontinued making iPods, his collection skyrocketed in value this year, making him close to a millionaire in assets overnight.     And while there’s no certified confirmation, people estimate the 31 iPods Siveter sold should have made him close to $300,000 (USD) closer to Millionaire status.

While Siveter plans to travel like he’s making the next “Vegas Atlanta Harlem” music video with a portion of his earnings, he’s got a new tech hobby in his eyesights moving forward.    The King of Ipods is looking to become the ShibArmy General

Leading The Army’s Charge

The Georgia native feels life’s preparations are intersecting with opportunity.   With years of experience in advertising and branding, Siveter believes he has found a jewel in the crypto universe with the SHIB token.  And while Bill made a fortune from his Ipods, his next investment won’t be a passion. It will be an educated decision.

“I think their brand is so strong it’s undeniably useful.  There are Millions of people who are supporting this brand and pushing to make it of higher value.   The brand is worth more than its current token value,” said Siveter in an interview with AllHip-Hop.

The ShibArmy General’s wise words have caused quite a bit of talk around the different Shiba Inu social media communities.

Most agree with the ideology that the SHIB token’s branding is larger than life.  It’s ranked a top 10 cryptocurrency brand today, with Billions of dollars in liquidity.

If you look at American Brands via CompaniesMarketCap, Shiba Inu tops has a higher market cap value than many household brands.   The list of brands worth less than SHIB includes Reebok, Crocs, Levi Strauss, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Planet Fitness, Harley Davidson, Lyft cab service, and 100s of other billion dollar companies.

This fact has made Siveter gun-ho with the idea of investing thousands of dollars into the SHIB brand.   And not only that, he’s also being very vocal about the perceived opportunity so others take note. 

Wanting to take a closer look at Bill’s views,  a affiliate reached out to Siveter via Facebook, and these were the responses to questions.

William Siveter On SHIB

Will Shiba Inu token reach 1-cent ($0.01) in value? 

William Siveter: 
With the Brand Equity being so high, it is possible. THe right amount of people unified can make anything possible.  However, who is willing to take the loss in burning so many coins is the big question? 

The amount of SHIB tokens that would need to be burned is massive.  

However, the way SHIBArmy soldiers are generating revenue streams through devotion of time, it’s very possible.  Things like ‘streaming for Shib Burn’ can be massively powerful when there’s millions of people with equity in the brand.  

Your older interviews [here] say you plan to invest in 4 tokens.  However, it seems since then you’ve been more focused on SHIBA Inu.   What’s made you so focused on SHIB tokens?

William Siveter: 
Bitcoin, I will still buy.   That’s the staple of this entire digital currency ecosystem.

But the striking gap between Shiba Inu’s current price and  potential price is massive when one properly analyzes Shiba Inu’s brand equity and value.  

Other tokens have the market cap of SHIB, but none have such a low price.  I feel something’s up and this coin will do something incredible in the near future.   Perhaps at the hands of a few crypto whales.  I’m not sure , but I do know the rules of branding: Any brand of value will and can be revived by someone who knows what to do with it.

Do you think Shiba Inu cryptocoin’s value could also face a massive crash?

William Siveter:
If the core support group stays together and the whales influencing are still jumping round — I dont think it can crash.   

There are fundamentals in those 2 variables that are so strong with the SHIB token , I don’t think it will crash.

Whales need massive audiences to feed.  They won’t want to pump a token with smaller audiences. 

And the amount of people that are really fighting for SHIB, again the brand equity value, is unrivaled by any other token to date.

I’m 99.9% sure we’ve not seen the last major pump of Shiba Inu.  I’m not even sure if we’ve seen the most massive one yet.

Do you think the the Shib ecosystem can become useful and it can surpass ‘meme token’ status for something more utility oriented? 

William Siveter: 
Yes. We have no clue how big the Metaverse will be in our everyday lives.  I doubt we even know how big it will be in our lives 5 years from now. After this recession that’s coming, I think we’ll get our first taste however.

And SHIB will be a name people trust because of the common branding. We’re almost at the point where all teenagers know 4 to 5 crypto coin related names;  Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, and

What do you think the average person could invest into Shiba Inu if they want to create a healthy return on their money for future financial growth & stability?

William Siveter: 
At today’s price, I would think $100 minimum.   That’s enough to get a few thousand and maybe help pay off a major bill like a car.

If a bit more endowed, go for $1,000 if you can afford it.    The $1,000-$2,500 range would be life changing should the “Shib Burn Theory” become a reality.  Literally changing a person’s whole life.

I can’t give advice as I’m not an advisor but that’s just my thoughts.  It’s all a gamble . But hey, we spend that on shoes that we’ll throw away 1 year from purchasing.  Why not take a risk on something that might just pay you back 20-times more than what you spent? 

Those were the last words of Siveter in a brief contextual conversation via digital mail.  

Though the ‘SHIB General” is aggressively investing behind the brand value and equity, his words are still only theoretical.  William’s another person who’s looking to the stars, thinking of the potential of the Shiba Inu token.

However, his thoughts on the Top 10 cryptocurrency’s market cap,  brand equity, and brand value are factual.  At least according to various professionals as highlighted in one  recent Crypto News site’s interview.  

Siveter concluded he will share his investment moves via Facebook @OfficialBillSiveter.